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Safety-Care for Families™

Since 2002, the Safety-Care™ curriculum has been used successfully to enhance safety and improve outcomes in a range of professional settings – from residential, treatment, educational, and health care settings. By implementing effective prevention and intervention strategies, we can enhance the individual's quality of care and quality of life. In the process, the safety of everyone can also be greatly improved. It is a 2-4 course sequence depending on the needs of the individual and the family environment. Each course must be taken in sequence. The first two core sequences are designed to provide a core set of useful skills and strategies for parents and caregivers. The second set of modules provide a much more individualized and advanced set of skills focused more on addressing the needs of families where physical safety and management issues are a concern.

Overall Goals of Safety Management within Family Care

  1. Communicate respect and promote dignity
  2. Reverse the momentary escalation and intensity of crisis behaviors
  3. Teach and strengthen behaviors that are incompatible with crisis behaviors
  4. Safety and therapeutically manage crises without injury and trauma
  5. Terminate crises as quickly as possible
  6. Reduce the future likelihood of behavior crises

Modules 1 and 2 meet requirements for the basic foundational parent training component of most insurance funded ABA therapy programs and address the following goal domains:

  • Module One (Safety Management)
    • Understanding Challenging Behavior
      • Levels of Severity
    • Incident Prevention
      • Safety Habits
      • Managing Our Own Responses
    • Effective Reinforcement
      • Basic Reinforcement of desired behaviors
      • Reduction of difficult behaviors (Extinction)
      • Differential Reinforcement
      • Shaping
  • Module Two (Incident Minimization)
    • Antecedents to Challenging Behavior
      • Signals, Triggers, and Consequences (A-B-C's of Behavior)
    • De-escalation
      • Behavior Plans
      • Safety During De-escalation
      • Avoidance of Power Struggles
    • Family Safety Plan
      • Environmental Safety
      • Person Safety
  • Module Three (Advanced Incident Minimization)
    • Behavioral Momentum
    • Management of Dangerous Objects
    • Physical Safety in response to aggressive behavior
  • Module Four (Physical Management)
    • By clinician referral only

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